I'am a degreed graphic design and multimedia artist, have of course a high-school diploma and nowadays about 16 years of industry experience.
It all started back when computer graphics were done with a joystick in Koala Paint (had no Koala pad). Over the years things matured into 3D stuff and after a few years as a 3D and texture artist I've become a level designer. Nowadays I'am lead level designer for a big company working on one of the most successful game brands ever made in Germany for a very big international publisher.

But still I like the small stuff very much. Games that are made by only a hand full of people. Simple, some might say "retro-games", like back in the SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis times, but with some 3D graphics. Just a bit of DS, PSP or Wii stuff, without the modern normalmap and highpoly things, even though they are cool, too. Maybe I'am a little on the old-school-Nintendo side, not so much on the PS360 side :)
Maybe it's because today I work on big budget games, with hundreds of people, massive ammounts of assets, high profile graphics, outsourcing chaos and so on. And maybe I miss the old times a little bit. No meetings that last for hours, no political decisions, no consumer research-department that tells you, what games to do, what will sell, what the people out there want. Just plain creativity and fun with a bunch of people that share the same idea.