ANNO 1701 - (2005, PC, Related Designs/Sunflowers):
I started my work for Related Designs with Anno 1701 as a senior level designer. Two days in the company producer Oliver Staude-Müller asked me, if I think I would be able to create a first iteration of a tutorial in three weeks. Without concept, without scripting tools. I said yes of course!
Bam! I was in tools development, again! The functionality of the script editor was my work. And it was and maybe still is used for all following Anno games. Cool!

I had never played any Anno game before, but I was really surprised of its depth and quality and soon liked to work on such a product very much. I soon understood why this "little" economic strategy game has such huge fanbase. Quality was the standard all the time and a lot of devotion from everybody in the creation process. That's the reason why any Anno game has sold so well.
To me, production went well (although it was sometimes tough) and I was really pleased with the general philosophy and work of the entire Related Design team. I've never worked in a company with such nice and cool colleagues and such a clever planning and organisation. Thanks Olli ;)

Funny side note: I already knew some assets and features of Anno 1701 before I started working at Related Designs. I worked on the Anno DS prototype for the Nintendo DS and some tests for Playstation 2 at Neon Studios. Yes, life and the game business is a circle ;)

More informations, pictures and videos coming soon.