ANNO 1701 - Der Fluch des Drachen - (2006, PC, Related Designs/Sunflowers/Ubisoft)
Compared to Anno 1701 production of the addon didn't work so smooth and easily. The lead game designer was already heavily involved in Anno 1404 and the new designer was not quite up to the task. And some bad decission were made: we went for some story driven campaign. And yes, it was my fault, too, as I had taken over the lead position early in the addon production. Today I know that games like Anno are not made for great or easy storytelling. The mechanics work against it, as the players have a rather huge freedom of choice and do not have to follow your story at all.

Nevertheless, we managed to establish a great and tense story about a mystical artifact able to either bring wealth and prosperity or total destruction. And we learned a lot about storytelling, pacing and difficulty settings for the next Anno games. And what can I tell? The addon had higher, average ratings ;)

It was a really tough production to get the addon finished, but in the end it turned out be worth every tear and drop of sweat.

More informations, pictures and videos soon!