Here you can find a lot of in-depth informations, pictures and renderings about all games, projects or other computer-/game related things I've worked on either on a professional basis or as hobby-/semiprofessional projects. I've tried to get all in some chronological order, back from my C=64 and Amiga works up to the newer projects. Hope, you enjoy.


Sacred 3 (2014, PS3, XBox 360, PC, ???, ???, Keen Games/Koch Media)
A sequel to the quite successful action RPG fantasy games from Ascaron, with a new take on the gameplay.

ANNO 2070 (2011, PC, Related Designs/Ubisoft)
Yet another highly acclaimed game in the ANNO series. This time set in near future

Chainers (2010, PC, Prototype, Related Designs)
Prototype for a MMOG in the likes of Diablo

ANNO 1404 - Venice Addon (2010, PC, Related Designs/Ubisoft)
Award winning Addon for ANNO 1404

ANNO 1404/Dawn of Discovery (2009, PC, Related Designs/Ubisoft)
Successor to the award winning ANNO 1701

ANNO 1701 Addon - Der Fluch des Drachen (2006, PC, Related Designs/Sunflowers/Ubisoft)
Highly acclaimed addon for ANNO 1701

ANNO 1701 (2005, PC, Related Designs/Sunflowers)
AAA buildup strategy game for the PC

Legend of Kay 1 + 2 (2003, PS2, Game Cube, XBox, Neon/JoWood)
AAA Action-adventure-jump'n runs

Lula 3D (2003, PC, CDV Studio Siegerland)
A (cough) erotic adventure

Y-Project (2002, PC, Westka/Brainpool)
A sci-fi FPS using the Unreal Engine - canned

Flesh & Blood (2001, PC, Boris Games/JoWood)
A medieval RTS - canned

Frontierland (2001, PC, Boris Games/JoWood)
A wild west buildup strategy game - canned

Eat my dust (Acorn Risc PC, Voti/Pace Microdigital)
A topdown racing game in the likes of Skid Marks - canned

Iron Dignity (1996, Acorn Risc PC, PC, Artex/Topware)
A realtime sci-fi battle game in the likes of Battlefield

Einmal Hölle und zurück (1996, PC, Digital X-citement/Black Legend)
A lucasarts-style adventure - canned


Project Vandal (Nintendo DS)
A action sports game in the likes of Jet Set Radio for the Nintendo DS

Stragtegy Game DS (Nintendo DS)
A RTS game in the likes of Command & Conquer for the Nintendo DS

Red Out (PC)
A multiplayer battle shooter running in Game Studio A6

Dragon Fire (PC)
A 2D vertical shoot'em up in the likes of Dragon Spirit/Saber from Namco

Imagems Remake (PC)
A remake of the puzzle game Imagems which was done by a friend of mine

Stunt Car (PC)
3D racing game in the likes of the famous Stunt Car Racer

Shoot'em up 01 (Acorn Risc PC)
A few graphics for a high-color shoot'em up

Gyruss Remake (Amiga, PC)
A remake of Konamis classic space shooter

The Game Machine (Amiga 1200)
Simply the greatest project I've worked on and the best game ever created on a Amiga