As you may already know, Keen Games won the pitch for Sacred 3. And that's how Chainers came alive. It is based on the work done for the Sacred 3 pitch and transformed into a browser action-RPG similar to something like Diablo.
We put together a small protoype team with about a few artist, coders, game designers and me as the level designer. We managed to get a engine capable to work in a browser up and running in about three months including all tools and feature sets. The artists created a few new assets and we did some re-use of Anno assets (like the cathedral). They also created a hero, a few enemies, FX and a boss-teaser.


During that I worked on general things like the camera system, lighting, level planning, concept, layout and creation as well as fight mechanics, gameplay events, sound FX concept and general style direction.
The end result looked really impressive taken into account, that everything was put together in roughly three months. Unfortunately we couldn't manage to get some publishers like bigpoint or gameforge interested in funding the game so it was canned, even as the general concept sounded really interesting.

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