Dragon Fire:
Dragon Fire was just a little project, I started with Florian Eisele, a colleague and friend of mine back in the days where we are working at Neon Software on Legend of Kay for the PS2.

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It was meant to be a vertical shooter in the likes of Dragon Spirit from Namco. We wanted to keep the style and look of the good old 16bit games. It should look like a game, that uses a palette for the backgrounds and the moving objects. It should look like a awesome SNES game. So I started off with some graphics of a icy/snowy mountain stage, but due lack of time there's nothing more than a few background tile-elements and a few first animations of the dragon and a few enemies. There's also a sketch for the title screen. It was also very nice to get my hands on mappy, a tilemap editor for 2D tile-based games, of course.
I'd really like to do a 2D game again some day. But unfortunately it takes lots and lots of time to do the backgrounds and the animations. :(