Frontierland - (2001, PC, Boris Games/JoWood):
Frontierland was one of two games I worked on at Boris Games. But while I only worked on the concept of Flesh & Blodd, I really created some assets for Frontierland. The game was set in the colonisation times of America. It was about trains, building cities and connect them, get the economics going and so on.
First and foremost I reworked lots of assets to get the mapping right in Renderware. It was a horrible job, because the 3D models where made in Lightwave and in order to get the mapping right you had to use the two parts (back then it was split in modeller and render tool including mapping) of the programm to get everything right. I converted and reworked several hundred objects. Besides that I created a few skyboxes in Terragen as well as UI elements and other stuff. I also worked on a particle system for the game with Michael Haebich. And I was promoted to handle the work flow of all the other graphics guys in the company. Yes, there was a lot of chaos going on at Boris Game.

Unfortunately none of the games of Boris Games got ever released and I had one of the weirdest crisis meetings of my entire life.
But Boris games was my (chaotic and short) entry in the games bussines and I learned a lot there, too.

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