Imagems Remake:
Imagems is a nice and clever puzzle game in the likes of sokoban and was released 1994 bei Brainware Entertainment for the Amiga via selfdistribution. It's a really cool and mindboggling game, where you are a wizard who has to get the colored blocks in a certain formation shown on the upper ledge of the screen. As far, as I remember, you can only shot the blocks, which will make them move one grid. There are marbles, too, which will of course roll along their way untill they hit a obstacle. The game has about 100 tricky stages and there are some special objects which will recolor the blocks for instance.
Originally the game was created by Michael Haebich (which later on worked on The Game Machine with me) and Andreas Bombik. Back then Michael made the graphics and the cool music, while Andreas was coding.
A few years later Michael, Juergen Koch and I where thinking about a remake for the PC. They started with the coding while I did the graphics. We thought about a nice little background story (no wizards anymore) which involves ???, a typical archeologist. We also wanted to create different settings for the puzzles and maybe add some new elements. The leveleditor was already working, but it turned out to take too much time to work on the game. During that time all three of us where working for Boris Games. So, unfortunately it was never finished. But you can still play the original game.

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