Legend of Kay 1 + 2 - (2003, PS2, Game Cube, XBox, Neon/JoWood):
Legend of Kay was my entry in the console game business. And up to today I'm very proud and happy that I was part of it. Legend of Kay is a action-adventure in the likes of Jak & Daxter and it was a hell of fun to create levels for it.
Despite some problems with the publisher the game turned out great. And after that JoWood decided to go for a sequel where I was involved in game design very much. The sequel was meant to be released on XBox and Game Cube, too and was up and running on the hardware. Later we even created a version for the PSP and had a simplified prototype running on the Nintendo DS (but there is NO connection to the released, horribly bad Legend of Kay on the DS). Unfortunately JoWood got into financial trouble and all sequels got canned.

Creating Legend of Kay was an experience I will never forget. Working with Marc Schmidt, a longetime friend, was absolutely great and inspiring. I learned a lot I still use today. It was a great time!

More informations to come soon!
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An AVI movie with ingame material of Legend of Kay.

An mov. file of the UK television spot.

An AVI movie of the PSP teaser trailer of Legend of Kay 2