Lula 3D: The Lost Highway - (2003, PC, CDV Studio Siegerland):
Yes, yes, it's a little embarrasing. Lula 3D is an erotic point and click adventure. And yes, I have worked on it. But only on the backgrounds and other elements!!!
To be honest, it's not a good game either, which is related to huge problems and confusion between the vision keeper and CDV. But it was fun to work on it, as the team was rather small and all people involved very cool, passionate and kind.

When I entered CDV studio Siegerland there was already some progress. But most of the people where rather inexperienced and we had to rework and change a lot of things. We used a new engine called Vulphine Vision Engine (today it's called the Trinigy Engine) and a lot of features where not implemented yet or simply not working as intended. The portal generation implementation is truly he strangest thing I've ever seen in any game engine. But the engine developers where really open minded, helpfull and dedicaded. So we managed to get everything running. And quite a few features of the engine today are based on our experience or suggestions.

We also created the cgi-trailer for the Games Convention for this game (which later on lead to some serious trouble with CDV). But it was very funny to see long lines of people standing in front of it and watching that really bad, hilarious trailer.

I was responsible for background art, props, technical solutions, particles, sounds, shaders, performance and so on. I have to say, it was a fun way to work and I enjoyed my time. Ok, the end of everything was a little bit rough, but that's because of some financial trouble at CDV.

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