Shoot'em up 01:
You might already guessed it: I like shoot'em ups very much. Since the days of R-Type on my beloved PC Engine I'am in love with this games. So, it's not much of a surprise, that I worked on some shoot'em up projects on a hobby basis over the recent years.
This one was on the Acorn Risc PC and was intended to be one of the first shoot'em up games running in high color (32k colors). Even as the Acorn Risc PC was a widely unknown computer here in germany (it's still quite popular in UK), it was rather easy to get in contact with people looking for interesting things to do on that machine. At the given time, the Acorn Risc PC was way ahead in technical terms, compared to normal day PCs (but they catched up really quickly). So, as the Risc PC had some decent horespower under it's plastic shell, I was really looking forward to do a cool game on that machine. And I found someone, who was also interested in doing a shoot'em up. I worked together with two guys called Andreas Stroiczek and Patrick (forgot his last name) , who did the engine and the editor for the levels. He included the possibility for transparent sprites (like for explosions and so on), which was something really great that days. There was also a function to do scaling and rotation like on the SNES.
It was a really cool time, even as it lasted only a few months. We both had no more time for the game, had more important things to do and money to earn in new or other jobs. At this point, the game was running a level put together by a lot of tiles from a highcolor tileset (which turned out to bear some other problems new to me, like false colors and so on). There was this flying, scaling and rotating skull and the player was able to attack with at least 3 different types of shots, which all of them could be upgraded three times.

I hope to get some more screenshots or some pics of the ship and the tileset back from my Risc PC. Maybe I'll even get the game running again and maybe I put the file up here for those enthusiasts that are still working on their Risc PCs at home. By now, there's only one screenshot and one scribble for one of the endbosses.