Eternal Circle - The Blood Spirit is a strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS with some really creative gameplay elements. Despite the heavy use of the DS features for control and interaction, these features are also integrated into the gameplay to a very wide degree. It introduces a new interactive battle system, which puts the outcome of a fight at the players hands and skills and uses creative and new ways for gameplay integration in level-/map-design by the magic system compared to only show nice graphic effects like other games do.
Eternal Circle features top notch graphics, vast and very detailed stages and a challenging portfolio of enemies and endbosses which can only be defeated by special strategies.

Take a further look into the sections listed below to get a more detailed view of this game. I like the concept really much, as it features some really good ideas which are first and foremost a practicable improvement in such kind of game.

Please keep in mind that this site is only a compact overview of the game and it's elements. For a proper game design document head over to the game design section, where you can download the document.

game design
interaction and controls
magical systems
battle systems
characters, enemies and bosses
GUI and interface
technical stuff