DS Strategy Game

This is for a strategy game in the likes of Command & Conquer for the Nintendo DS. It's a cooperation with James Larsen who has already developed a nice engine for such kind of games.
So this site is mainly a showcase for James so he can see, what the things I made look like and check, if it fit's his needs, but of course everyone else can just check out our progress.

So, if you wonder about game design and further informations, there is of course an entire wiki around for the game. But of course it is not accessible for everyone.
But if anybody else is interested in joining, just let me know. We are still looking for tools programmers, scripters and anyone else who would like to jump onboard.

Simple example of the terrain tiles, some buildings and units. It's just a fake, but will almost exactly look like this on actual hardware. Still missing some terrain heights and of course vertex colors and some basic lighting on everything. But that's how it could look.

click for more pictures

Small example on how the rifle soldier is made up: (surely the most low-tech character I've ever made which is still some kind of animateable and recognizeable ;-) )
Click the image for more units...
  • 78 tris, 62 vertices incl. muzzle flash planes and shadow plane
  • 8 non weighted bones incl. root bone
  • 32x32tex (16col) for the model
  • 32x32tex (16col) for muzzle (will be reused for other objects)
  • 32x32tex (16col) for shadow (will be reused for other objects)
  • fire animation with 2 keyframes (for every bone)
  • run animation with 3 keyframes (for every bone)
  • dying animation with 2 frames (for every bone)
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