Here you'll find all the nice little hobby projects and game designs I'am either working on or have worked on in recent times. None of them are finished or anything close to it. It's just a collection of ideas, visions and designs in quite different stages of completion that I've gathered in the recent years. Some are only ideas, some already have a low level game design document and some graphics. Take it as my design and ideas repository.
I'am still looking forward to get most of this ideas into a full blown design document some day as, but not about getting something pitched or published, but more a type of finger exercise. It's about the fun developing an idea from beginning to a given degree of end. But don't expect this to happen within the next few months. I've a job to do in "real life".
Besides that, the purpose of this site is to present the stuff to people that might be interested in joining one of these projects. I will update the sites, as I progress in some of the documents, designs or anything else which might be interesting.

NEO Basudusho is a action game in the style of Neo Contra or Alien Syndrome for the Nintendo DS. I've already done some game design work and some graphics and animations. It's about old-school action and may be done as a hobby project if there are a few people to join, especially some coders. I'am currently working on it, so still more to come.

Eternal Circle: The Blood Spirit is a strategy RPG like Fire Emblem, but with some creative gameplay elements. This game is intended for the DS, too and makes heavy use of the hardware features. It's also planned to create it with very top notch graphics comparable to the Square Enix titles. There's quite a good documentation there for it, as well as enemy- and animation-sheets and some details about the stages. There are a few graphics for it, too.
I really like this concept very much, because it has some good potential to make it into a successful game. It's more mass market and not so much hardcore gamer than the other concepts.

Infection is intended as a game for the Wii download channel. It's also a quite creative concept which revolves around the old Paradroid gameplay in some way. You play as some sort of micro organism in a abstract environment (which is done in a light-and-shadow style I always wanted a game to do in). Your task is to destroy all evil viruses or bacteria in a given time or they will spread and the host will die. To do this you have to overwhelm different organisms to gain special abilities to overwhelm stronger creatures and so on. Taking over a creature is done by hunting it and shoot some sort of connector to it. Then you have to win a mini game very similar to the Paradroid game. With your new ablities you can go on further.
So, you fly around in abstract levels and might even fight bosses. The game is planned to be very small on the memory side, because it uses no textures. There are already some stages and objects there. Content can be done very fast because of this. I'am looking forward to get further into the concept soon.

ZeroG is a sci-fi racing game in the likes of F-Zero or WipEout, but with a strong focus on multiplayer and more open race tracks. In F-Zero or WipEout you are bound to a track. In ZeroG you are racing/flying in a corridor, which can be of course very narrow, like in tunnels or street canyons. But there are also sections which are very broad. So, it's not "driving" with a hover vehicle on a track, it's about flying. The game has some good ideas for extras, weapons and multiplayer. It's intended for next gen, like PS360, maybe for Wii (which would be cool for controls). There's some good documentation for it and a few graphics.
But this project is far too big for a hobby project. So here it's about getting some high end graphic assets done by someone, some cool concept art and a detailed game design to do a proposal to a publisher. So, if you are interested in some concept work or some hight detail fake ingame footage, I'll be happy to hear from you.

In the other-section you'll find some ideas and concepts which are not very much developed or not that interesting. There are some quite good game concepts around there and maybe some things might evolve into something bigger.
Rubberband Bros. is one of them. A strange concept for DS in the likes of Vikings.
There are some concepts and some sprites for a 2D shoot'em up.
A technical idea for a Jump'n Run which refers to the cancelled Sonic eXtreme game.